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Night Fall Treatment Ayurveda

Discharge during the night due to sexy dreams as without any dream. This problem result in physical and sexual weakness and after marriage patient suffers from early discharge while having sex. Semen which is wasted every night during night fall is the vital fluid of the body which cause weakness of whole body & failure in married life. So it is very important to cure it in the early stage.

Ayurvedic Treatment Night Fall

It is Loss of semen (viraj) during night with or without dreams . Semen (viraj) made up from the essential proteins from our body. Its regular Loss will cause weakness, Loss of sex desire, whole the body systems become weak, Loss of erection penis become related & flabby.

If patent does not take proper treatment this problem leads to IMPOTENCY Patient Completely Last the desire for sex.

He start running away from girls

Note : Our special ayurvedic treatment for impotence is 100 % safe and harmless. best ayurvedic impotency treatment by Dr. Gaurav Rattan


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