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Herbal Treatment for Low Time Period

Discharging while sex or before sex is known as early discharge i.e. low time period. Due to this disease his female partner don’t get satisfied. This result in un happy married life and the female partner does not want to live or she deceives such a person who can not satisfied his partner because every female has a dream of having a strong & youthful life partner.

Herbal Treatment for Low Time Period:-

  1. Thick the semen (viraj)
  2. Strengthen the penis Muscles.
  • Our herbs correct the blood circulation flow , regulate the pencile nerves.
  • Our herbs and bhasams increase the level of testosterone to make you strong and Dominating male
  • Our herbs reduce the effect of drugs and medicine by throwing them out of your body through urine and stool

Note : Our special ayurvedic treatment for impotence is 100 % safe and harmless. best ayurvedic impotency treatment by Dr. Gaurav Rattan


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Dr. Gaurav Rattan


World Famous Sexologist

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