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Treatment For Lack Of Desire

Sometimes patient is not completely impotent but it has less degree of symptoms such as early discharge, small size and low erection. If these symptoms are not cured & patient with the fear of time go to his partner for sex he develops lack of desire. Also he feels if he does perform sex with his partner he will fail and this fear of failure results in impotency.

Cause: long diseases, Bad habits, long use of drugs, Alcohal, Spicy food & irregular diet.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Lack Of Desire

The purpose of semen is purely for reproduction, as a vehicle to carry the spermatozoa into the female reproductive tract.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Low Sperm Count

Note : All Treatment (ayurvedic treatment for lack of desire) is Provided by Best Dr. Gaurav Rattan ( B.H.M.S) .

Note : Our special ayurvedic treatment for impotence is 100 % safe and harmless. best ayurvedic impotency treatment by Dr. Gaurav Rattan


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