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Ayurvedic Treatment For Dhat

It is Loss of semen (viraj) with urine or during stole.

Semen (viraj) made up from the essential proteins from our body. Its regular loss will cause weakness, loss of sex desire, whole the body systems become weak, loss of erection penis become related & flabby.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Dhat If patent does not take proper treatment this problem leads to IMPOTENCY Patient Completely Last the desire for sex.

He start running away from girls


Causes of Dhat

1 Thin Semen:- Semen (viraj) is so thin that the man can not held it. Semen discharges as soon as erection comes or with in 2 to 3 min. during intercourse.

If patent does not take proper medicine the semen (viraj) will start discharging with urine and during stool.

2 Weak Penis Muscles: - Due to masturbation. Injury or some disease muscles of penis become so weak that man can not control the ejaculation or discharge.

Treatment:- In Rattan Hospital we use worlds best herbs which acts in two ways.

  1. Thick the semen (viraj)
  2. Strengthen the penis Muscles.

Our Treatment is pure 100% . herbal medicine . The word medicine does not means that these herbs are chemical as in allopathic medicine

The herbs provide us the natural essential elements to strengthen your not only sexual system but whole body .

We select each herb according to the cause of disease (IMPOTENCE )

  • Our herbs correct the blood circulation flow , regulate the pencile  nerves.
  • Our herbs and bhasams increase the level of testosterone to make you strong and Dominating male
  • Our herbs reduce the effect of drugs and medicine by throwing them out of your body through urine and stool

In this way we remove the disease for ever by treating the root cause.

Note : Our special ayurvedic treatment for impotence is 100 % safe and harmless. best ayurvedic impotency treatment by Dr. Gaurav Rattan


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Dr. Gaurav Rattan


World Famous Sexologist

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