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Welcome to Sanjivani Super Speciality Clinic

Dr RattanWe at Rattan's hospital are determined to give you ayurvedic solutions to heal your health problems likes Early Discharge or quick discharge, Sex weakness, Dhat, Treatment for Low Time Period with great care tested & trusted medical formulas to give you vitality, strength and long happy life........

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Why Our Medicine’s Success Rate is so high

content The Rattan’s hospital is devoted to Generations old indian system of medicine with holistic approach to health care. Dr. Gaurav Rattan (Sex Specialist) & his team make medicine under strict rules of ayurveda i.e. psara, sycasis & syphilis and we customize Herbal Sex medicine i.e. your’s medicine is only for you according to your dasha psara, sycasis & syphilis,.......

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How we are different from other sex specialists

drDifferent persons with different mental level, may have same sex complaint / problem but with a different cause and different solution / treatment So, We gives a close hearing to every patient, from the very beginning of history taking till the patient is cured and does not leave any matter related.....

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  • World Famous Sex Specialist
    Dr. Gaurav Rattan B.H.M.S. (PB)
  • Ayurvedic Consultant
    Dr. SS Momi B.A.M.S. (PB)
  • herbal icon
    (By Safe Herbal Medicines )
  • Early Discharge

    our medicine strengthens the penis muscles and thickened the semen (viraj) and you feel magical improvement in your timing.......

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  • Penis Enlargement

    our medicine provides the essential nutrients for the development of penis muscles and improve the blood circulation. Result in BIGGER GROWTH.....

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  • Low Sperm Count

    our medicine provides essential nutrients and vitamins for the formation of sperm....

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  • Dhat

    it is severe male problem result in complete loss of sexual power. Because you're losing your essential semen I.e viraj when you go for urine. ...

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Sex Specialist


Dr. Gaurav Rattan


World Famous Sexologist

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Presently, Patients are being treated through out the world in countries like

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